Wednesday, 25 November 2009

An ode to sushi

I don't have much to write about this week.

In my attempt to keep this blog largely impersonal (apart from the occasional entertaining photo) I don't have anything much to talk to you all about. Of course if this WAS a personal blog I might discuss my new JOB (Recovery Support worker for adults with mental health problems), or the lovely dinner I had last nights with some friends (souffled macaroni cheese, ala delia smith, try it, you will not regret it), or my current internal wrangling with what questions are and are not appropriate to ask ex-boyfriends.

BUT I don't write about that stuff here (mainly because my Mum might one day get hold of the address for this blog, if she hasn't already).

HOWEVER, I am being brutally pestered to come up with some new posts from my newest reader (reader spotlight: Dan, dear friend and fellow mocker of Harmer men, Dan you better say now if you don't want me to use your name on the blog, I can remove it). Some might ask how a new reader could be quite so impertinent as to demand such things, but hey, I'm a generous gal, and whatever Dan wants, I offer.

ANYWAY, as previously mentioned I am lacking inspiration for impersonal blog post ideas so I thought I would stoop to my favourite neutral topic. That of food.

And hence, to the beautiful, the succulent, the joyful,


As a kid I remember feeling sorry for the poor marooned men you'd hear of in the news and in myths and stories, forced to live in rubber dingys, or on desert islands, and drink their own urine and eat (horror of horrors) RAW FISH. Mercy me, that last point always sounded so dreadful. And yet I now know that they were totally milking the sympathy there. Admittedly they could have benefited from a little soy sauce and wasabi BUT they were still eating like kings the whole time. Raw fish is the way to go.

So, there you go, I love sushi. I love it from Itsu, I loved it on my birthday (as pictured above) and I loved it SO much when I had it at Rick Stein's place in Padstow. I even love it from Yo sushi. Yum yum yum. If I talked about personal things on this blog I would even mention that one of the main reasons I am happy to have a job is because I will be able to afford to eat sushi again. Bliss.

Well, wasn't that was an exciting view into my not-personal life? I look forward to many more posts like it. I could post about food every day of the week and not get bored, hope you won't get bored of it either.

So, who else here likes sushi?

Monday, 2 November 2009

Another reason to hate facebook

I hate facebook. Actually, as I said before, I don't really hate facebook. Well, I suppose in some ways I do. But anyway, regardless of whether I dislike it faintly, strongly, or down-right hate it, I have to say that this is yet another compelling reason not to have anything to do with it.

This guy was killed off (in cyber-space only, before you panic) by his friends "memorialising" his face-book page.

Now that I have spread this delightful idea, I hope you all have some fun finishing off some of your friends.

Worryingly, I know several people who would probably kill themselves at merely the thought of being locked out of facebook for more than 2 hours.