Monday, 19 October 2009

The anti look-how-gorgeous-I-am-in-every-photo-ever-taken-of-me post

In this age of self marketing, where we all try to show only our prettier sides to the world, I thought it might be refreshing to have an anti-facebook (anti-look at me and my beautiful friends/children/life) post and show you some fantastically, and entertainingly, terrible photos of myself. That's not to say that face-book and nice-photos are bad, i just think it's a shame that the bad ones get squirreled away and hidden, as they are really that much funnier!

In the above photo I am pulling my famed "llama" face, it's the one that sealed the deal between steve and I, as you can probably tell

This one is also delightful (you may wish to click to enlarge this for full horrendousness), as you can see. I think I look like an angry dog, jealously guarding my beloved bone (in this case, a carton of ribena)

Shiny shiny shiny

Didn't know I was one of twins huh? Yeah, my brother here got all the looks

Ok, I was just thinking that this is the most embarrassing one, as I truly look like I'm several months pregnant (don't get excited Mum/sis/female friends, this is definitely a food baby). Then I looked at darling Steve, and realised that at least his shorts, and eyes-closed pose do slightly detract from my seemingly immanent childbirth

This one's just funny. I particularly like the way you can see the action in this shot due to my blurry hands. In fact it reminds me of a ghost-sighting picture, but in which I am both the blurred-edged ghost AND the screaming lady

Awwww, thought I'd leave you with this one. Pretty as a flower. Steve doesn't appreciate face-book much either so I hope he'll join me with this protest

(sorry steve, if you're angry please note that i also posted the faux-pregnancy photo which I tried to make you delete because it's really that bad)

That was fantastic, no longer will these photos languish at the back of my hard drive never to be admired. Do you have any entertainingly bad photos of yourself you'd like to share? Or any more terrible ones of me? E-mail me them and I'll add them on!